With summer nearby, GALLIPOLI is full of life. You cannot be captured by the many possibilites that the city offers to those who are thirst for seaside Holiday.
So, let's have a holiday in an open and wam Gallipoli, as in its seaside area, as well in its historical centre.

Definitely one of the most popular touristical destination, not just in Salento, but in the entire Italy, Gallipoli and its surroundings, represents the flagship of the entire touristic industry in the Province of Lecce.

From the greek "Citta Bella" is one of the most characteristic Ionian cities, that is able to join Amazing beaches, great historical monuments and excellent traditional dishes...

The historical centre is extraordinary untouched and is a rare example of  a City - Isle protected by the sea, with a Castle of XVI century, at the entrance, built on the water as defense of the Harbour.

The "new" city is separated by the old part by a bridge and extends on a promontory of more than 2 km. In the new area of Gallipoli, the modern touristical facilities and all the commercial area. Crossing the bridge you can enter the "old" city: a labyrinth of small streets and buildings of great historical value. 

And then the Cathedral,  with its highest beauty of the early 1600, built on an old Normann building. It is dedicated to Saint Agata that, togheter with Saint Sebastiano, is the city patron.

By night, then, the city changes and alleys become the centre of movida, the old shops with stone balconies where the fish was bought, become now very fashionable clubs  and meeting point for youngs that chose Gallipoli for their Holiday.
Beaches, both on North and on the South, are characterized by the crystalline sea and the very clear sand. Moreover, high level beach resort for enjoy your Holiday!

Sailing, surfing, rowing, volleyball, for those kin of sport. So. you can't be bored, just a few days to discover and appreciate the city.......

Ferragosto a Gallipoli: Vacanza a tutto divertimento

Al momento clou dell'estate GALLIPOLI arriva con un'esplosione di feste, party in spiaggia, concerti, spettacoli e tutto quello che la vostra voglia di divertimento suggerisce. Impossibile non esserci.

Qualunque sia il vostro modo di vivere il divertimento, qualunque sia il vostro stile, Gallipoli sarà la meta giusta per le vostre vacanze in Puglia. Se siete fanatici della vita notturna, o semplicemente, se volete passare una vacanza nel mare cristallino, Gallipoli è la città giusta

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